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Performance Workshops 

Schools Workshops

A fun day with an educational difference.

Sir Richard Wolley?s classic theatrical workshops for schools rivet the students attention, teach them and entertain them in unforgettable ways. They are designed to combine with the special children's shows.

The workshops and shows can be customised to your school?s needs. You can choose the combination, how it works, what it costs, and what age group it's effective for.

You can choose

  • Shows only
  • Workshops only
  • Shows followed by class-by-class workshops
  • Workshops followed by a show designed and presented by the students

You can choose shows and workshops for —

  • 5 to 7 years
  • 8 years and over

Students love the activity and the learning

  • They improve concentration, co-ordination, and balance.
  • They develop creative improvisation skills, and team dynamics.
  • They gain self-esteem, confidence, and pride.

The shows demonstrate —

  • Circus routines
  • Magic
  • Mime
  • Classic clowning

They are designed to combine seamlessly with the workshops.

The workshops teach —

  • Circus skills, juggling, balance
  • Simple clown gymnastics
  • Magic tricks
  • Principles of mime and physical theatre
  • Character creation
  • Stage presence
  • How to put on a show

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