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Kids' Shows & Workshops 
Shows & Workshops 

Hands-On Workshops for Schools

Global Fooolishness provides great theatre shows and workshops for school classes that work hand in glove with each other. While the shows demonstrate clown routines, magic and mime, the workshops teach the skills. Taken together, the shows and workshops complement each other and strengthen the children's experience.

Kids love the activity and the learning

  • They Improve co-ordiantion, balance, and concentration.
  • They develop creative improvisation skills, and team dynamics.
  • They gain confidence, self-esteem, and pride.

The shows demonstrate —

  • Circus routines
  • Magic
  • Mime
  • Classic clowning

They are designed to combine seamlessly with the workshops.

The Workshops teach —

  • circus skills
  • juggling
  • balance
  • magic tricks
  • simple clown gymnastics
  • the principles of mime and physical theatre
  • character creation
  • stage presence
  • how to put on a show

Customised to your school's needs

You can choose —

  • Shows only.
  • Workshops only.
  • Shows followed by class-by-class workshops.
  • Workshops followed by a show designed and presented by the students.

You can choose shows and workshops for —

  • 5 to 7 years.
  • 8 years and over.

Total costs can be controlled by you.

Read about the Pirate and Clown shows.

You can email me right here.

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