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Background Information 
Global Foolishness 

Two concepts in one

What is Global?

We mean, literally, worldwide. Global Foolishness is Richard Handley's personal life project ... its aim to promote humour, fun, laughter and play in today's 'global village' world, across all borders, both physical and mental.

What is Foolishness?

Foolishness refers to the universal character and quality of 'The Fool', an archetype found across all cultures and boundaries. He exists as Harlequin in classic theatre, as the 21st card of the major arcana in the old tarot pack, as the Jester in modern playing cards, as a clown in today's circus. He is known variously as The Lord of Misrule, the Lord of Chaos. In today's world he is represented by clowns, comic actors, satirists ... anyone who we allow to show us ourselves.

What makes the Fool different from other entertainers? The Fool is open with parts of himself that 'normal' people try to hide. While appearing to be stupid, The Fool is allowed to go where people normally don't dare to go. He says "not only is this foolish, but I'm foolish". Because he does not function from the normal construction of what people hold precious, he is not subject to their games. The king does not cut The Fool's head off, but instead allows him to play a role in court, reflecting the truth where necessary.

Thus, the Fool is a mirror, a source of parody without bias. He is the one we allow to tell us the truth.


Also important to Global Foolishness is the conept of 'playmind'. If our minds are calm and playful we can function more efficiently. When we study, we can absorb what we study. When we work, we don't have fear of losing anything so we can work confidently and make fewer mistakes. The mind that is too rigid and serious, oir concerned with the result, is more likely to miss the target than the mind that is enjoying the process.

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