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Kids' Shows & Workshops 

Global Fooolishness provides stunning fun shows for school classes that work hand in glove with the theatre skills workshops. While the workshops teach the skills, the shows demonstrate clown routines, magic and mime. Taken together, the shows and workshops complement each other and strengthen the children's experience.

Captain Ricardo del Val Inferno's Pirate Show

An Entertainment Ship on a Distant Fantasy Horizon

Shiver me timbers, you Scallywags!

Enter the swashbuckling fantasy world of Captain Ricardo?s Pirate Show. Learn how to become a pirate and seek buried treasure hidden on the Spanish Main. The greediest grabber gets the gold.

Get to cross swords with the mischievous captain.

Defeat him and win the treasure all for yourself, you scurvy sea dogs! Remember the code — that there is no code — or get to walk the plank to Davy Jones? Locker.

The Pirate Show is also available as a public stage show.

Recent Pirate Shows

  • Auckland Zoo
  • Cardiff Harbour Festival
  • Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • Bath Fringe UK
  • Farm Fest   UK

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