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All these characters have interactive routines audiences love. They can be used in strolling street theatre or booked for special events.

The Tourist

The loudly dressed, camera-wielding tourist, Joe King, was a big hit at the Flight Centre Travel Expo in 2010 and 2011. The Tourist explores and explores –yet seems to be permanently lost. His cultural insensitivity leads to hilarious scenes of camera-clicking pantomime. Joe also leads 'Misguided Tours' and is a great source of oddly useless information.

Insecurity Man

Comedy paranoia! This guy is THE overzealous security guard of all time. On patrol at AUT orientation week 2010.

Il Paparazzo

Harry Stankovich from the tabloid Views of the World makes up news on the spot. Wherever he goes he digs up the dirt, sports the celebrities (pictured here, he says, with the President and First Lady of Japan!), and lets everyone know 'The Scoop' on what's going on. In fact you never know when he's on his way, camera in hand. Great for meet-and-greet, an icebreaker to get people laughing as they arrive at your event.

Fred Dagg Tribute

A hit a Hamilton Field Days, 2010. Fred is the classic cow cocky Kiwi farmer, instantly recognisable in his iconic outfit and famous "Get in behind" and "Get away back, y'mongrel".

Suitable for rural events, he was also appreciated at the Whangarei A&P Show in 2010.

The Waiter

A big hit at corporate functions, dinners and caf� society piazzas of Europe. This character moves from table to table serving comedy of the absurd. He first appears to be a normal waiter until it dawns on people that his Fawlty Towers-type antics gradually become too bizarre to be true.

The crazy waiter can be combined with an after-dinner show at your function.

Hindustani Swami
� The Love Guru

Holy man and guru for channelling and dubious advice. The self-elected guru is available for consultations, yogic fakir stunts, and the distribution of dodgy medicaments for all ailments.

This love guru can help you solve many problems ... constipation, marriage, erectile dysfunction, piles, mucus, skin disease, premature ejaculation, wife, husband, too uptight, too loose, boring disposition, bad luck removals ...

... but only if you believe in the healing power of money.

The Detective
� Sherlock Bones

A bumbling, inept sleuth with a burning belief in his own powers of deduction.

Suspicious and on the case ... look out ... he may be following YOU.

Suitable for a variety of events, and available  as murder mystery evenings with a comic spin.

The Jester

The Jester travels from castle to castle and from f�te to f�te. Mysterious, crazy, and slightly devilish, he warps the spirit of seriousness and self-importance. He's a veteran of many medieval banquets and risqu� jokes played on kings.

Strolling Bard of Insults & Compliments

"Thou art a craven-faced dog-hearted lewdster."
"Puny, milk-livered maltworm."
"Villainous swag-bellied varlet."
"Gleeking, fat-kidneyed boar-pig."

"Fusty, flat-mouthed, fustillarian."
"Honey-suckled, honey-bagged,, twicksy-wicksy."
"Mannerly, May-born Madonna."
"Enchanting, heaven-hued crystal bud."
"Dainty, fairy-gold fondling."

Lost the ability to truly insult or compliment? Call on The Bard. Experience the true art of the wordsmith.

Order an insult and receive a fully articulate Shakespearean blast. Request a compliment and be flattered, charmed and ego-massaged.

Movie Director

This old-time movie director replays scenes from famous movies with the raw material in front of him ... ie, you.

Expect to be enticed into a living movie, your acting skills and dramatic abilities tested.

Movies from real life.

Don Key � Political Powerhouse

This glib-tongued politician will come to your function, pat babies' heads, shake hands, gesture and acknowledge, and give a stirring speech so inspiring that afterwards the pundits will have to debate what exactly his point was. 

The politician first appears as the real thing. How long will it take for you to work out he's just a 'Don Key'.

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